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About us

  • The Jaroslav Třešňák - Horova Company is engaged in the real estate investment business already since 1991. To our main activities belongs purchase and sale of land, development of administrative buildings, housing development, development of blocks of flats and advance workings and development of new commercial premises.

  • The fast development of our activities required founding of more companies as e.g. Horova Immo Ltd, engineering company Treinvest Ltd, JTH Group a.s.  and more. 
  • In the year 2000 we decided to expand into other countries of central and Eastern Europe, recently we are preparing projects in Slovak Republic.

  • We buy and sell land in various areas of The Czech Republic. In case of selling a property we are able to arrange a complete pack of services beginning advance workings on a land ending turnkey project itself. The whole preparation is carried out in the shortest time possible.


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