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“Flat-buildings Třídvorská” Project descripton:

Project involves the construction of 4 flat-buildings with 6 floors each. The 1st floor, partially embedded beneath ground level, is a maintenance floor that includes 4 garages (2 cars per each), flat services – cellar booths, bicycle and bassinet storage room. The main entrances and garage entryways lead from recently designed local routes that are connected with Třídvorská Street. 2nd – 6th floors are residential. There are designed four flats on each residential floor – two flats with one room, kitchen and bathroom and two flats with 2 rooms +kb.

There total number of flats in the area counts 80.

Three of these flat-buildings are already completely realized. We are now initiating the sale of the 4th construction phase flats. The term of flat-building completion is supposed to be in November 2008.

We offer: Sales
Contact: Ing. Roman Wurzel +420 603 888 999, roman.wurzel@jth.cz
Exact location: link to maps

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