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The area will serve as a senior house for common pensioners, handicapped and immobile persons. Today it is a reserved complex with size of 98 927m2, including 13 buildings (8 living pavilions, two schools, mess-hall, gym and medical attendance). After finishing the reconstructions and a build-up the complex should be capable of providing a satisfied old age living for 950 clients from the Czech Republic and foreign countries. There’ll be 200 employees required at full capacity.

There will be a wide variety of equipment for the complex (e.g. restaurant, café, medical attendance, sport-ground and other) adjusted for the seniors live style. The whole area will be adjusted for handicapped. Properties are designed with handicapped facilities (lifts).

The whole complex will be given an appearance of a small town that will be connected with Volyně in the best possible way to satisfy pedestrians.


Area description:
Volyně lies approximately 11km southwards from district town Strakonice in South Bohemian Region. It is referred as one of the Gates of Bohemian Forest for its location. The South Bohemian Region is 2nd largest region in the Czech Republic. It is located in the vicinity of the Bohemian Forest (Šumava) national park which is known as the biggest national park of the republic and central Europe. Volyně is practically untouched by industry and therefore it is a favourite and sought-after recreational destination. The town has app. 4000 inhabitants and lies 115km from capital city Prague.

Due to its location near borders the region is favourably cooperating with its neighbours – the EU states. The area attractiveness and perfect climatic conditions are reasons for its position as the most sought-after recreational destination in the republic.

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Contact: Helena Plešmídová Antálková, email: helena.plesmidova@jth.cz
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